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Kashmir is situated at the top of the Indian Map. This valley is surrounded by Himalaya and the mountains of Pirapanjal. This valley is called the Heaven On Earth and was named by Mughals. Srinagar is the capital city of this valley. Sir Walter Lawrence writes "The valley is an emerald set in pearls; a land of lakes, clear streams, green turf, magnificient trees and mighty mountains where the air is cool, and the water sweet, where men are strong, and women vie with the soil in fruitfulness."

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If you want to go Kasmir then first you go to Jammu by Rail/Air then you reach Srinagar 300 kms from Jammu by road.

Jammu is situated in the bank of river Tawai. You can see the Several temples in this city .Raghunath Temple is situated at the center of the city.This temple belongs to lord Ram. In Salimar Road The Ranveraswar Temple is situated and Maharaja Ranveer Singh was the founder of this temple.This temple belongs to lord siva.In this temple you can see 12 numbers of Sivlinga. The height of this linga is about 12 to 18 inch and number of salogram sila beautifully kept in the self of gallery.

Another attraction of this city is the forts. Here you can see 3000 years old fort .You can see Mata Bawey Wali temple in this forts. Every Tuesday and Sunday huge pilgrims are came to here for puja. These temples are surrounded by terrors garden which is known as “Bag A Bahu” .

Amar Singh place is another attraction of Jumm. Maharaja Amar Singh was the founder of this place in 1909. Presently this palace is known as Amar Mohal Museum.In this museum you can see the old books, artworks.

Pirbaba Darga is one of the famous attractions. Hindu, Muslims, Sikh any religions can visit this Darga.

In Jummu city you can see many old and new market, famous is Birmarg, Harry Market, Raghunath Bazar .Here You can buy Kasmiri handicrafts, dry fruits , dugra etc.

Srinagar is almost 300 kms from Jummu by road. You can spend two days for visit Srinagar.The Period of time to reach Srinagar is almost 12 hrs . After 66 kms you can reach at Udhumpur, after that the hilly road is started here you can see the beauty of Pine Trees, Huge Green Grass Land, Apple Garden etc. 17 kms from here you can reach Patni Top Sanser lake (6600 ft), Golf course .Another famous spot is Ramban, here tourist are take their lunch. Number of shops are there. After That you can reach the most famous spot Banihar/Jawhar Tunnel(7250ft).It is the main communication road for Jummu and Kasmir. Heare you can see the seeming beauty of plan agriculture land , up and down green valley, river ,the destroyed Hindu temples in Avintipur . Srinagar is surrounded by Dal Lake. This lake is famous for tourist. One side of the road you can find lots of hotels, restaurant, and shops and the other site you can see the various colorful Houseboat .Here you can enjoy the Sikar riding.

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Shopping can be done at the time of Sikar riding. You must stay in this houseboat at lest one night otherwise you miss something. You can go some famous island from here like Nehuru Park Island, Kabutarkhana Island.

Mughals Gardens is one of the most famous tourist places in Kasmir, Nisat Bug is one of them . Ashif Kha brother of Nurjahan is the founder of this bug .Salimar Garden is another Garden which is created by Samrat Jahangir here you can see the chinar tree , steps of rocks, rock falls ,verities of colorful flowers. You can see another beautiful garden is Tulip Garden. This garden is famous for colorful tulip flowers.

Next attraction is Hazratbal Masjid is totally maid by white marble. The hairs of Hazrat Mohammad are kept in this Masjid.At the top of the Srinagar about 1000 ft the Sankaracharya Temple is situated.

Gulmarg means the valley of flowers. Gulmarg is near about 55 to 56 kms from Srinagar and Soonmarg is near about 80-81 kms . Night staying is available here but costly so it is better to go from Srinagar and came back Gulmarg was the favorite place for Samrat Jahangir. Here the worlds top height Golf Course situated . After that you can reach Khilan Marg with horse or Gondola lift here you can see the pain tree and snow and next to go upperowat here you can get snow around the year. 18 points of Gulmarg is another tourist spot. Here you can see the golf course , Rani Mandir, Park etc. In winter you can enjoy the ice skating.

Sonnmarg means golden ground . Sonnmarg is surrounded by river Sindhu and you can see the chinar and pine trees , green Bugiiyal .The most famous things of Soonmarg is Glassier and Iceland .Here you can see the military camp, temple of lord Sivan and some of the track root.

Jusemarg near about 47 kms from Srinagar is another important spot of Kasmir . Here you can see 500 year old Charar Masjid .This masjid was attacked by terrorist in the year 1995 .Here you can enjoy the boating in the blue water .From here you can go to Doodh Ganga and Nilnag .

Pahelgaon about 96kms from Srinagar is the most natural beauty spot of Kasmir. The height is around 2129-2130 mtr .Here you can see Ice covered mountains, Lidar river, green valley, pine ,chinar trees, Mamaleswar Siva Temple, Guri Sankar Mandir, Jama Masjid, Iland Park , Dear Park, , Lavender Park , Passwan Park .16 Kms from Pahelgaon Chandanbari is situated .The base camp of Amarnath is situated here. You can see the Betab Valley where numbers of film was shooted . Chandanwari always covered by ice , here you can enjoy the ice sketing.

The Famous Kashmiri cuisines is:
Dum aloo (Spice Boiled potatoes), Rogan Josh (Lamb cooked with spices), Yakhiyn (Lamb cooked with curd and spices), Ristagushtaba (Meat balls with tomato and curd curry), Here you can enjoy two styles of making one is Nun Chai and 2nd is Salt Chai which is pink in color and very popular in locals; and another favorite tea this is specially for festive occasions, made with cardamom, cinamon, sugar and lipton tea. Alcohol and Beef are not widely consumed in Kashmir.

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