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Goa The Ocean Beauty of India.

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Goa The Ocean Beauty of India.
Hi blog lovers. I published this blog for who loves traveling specially sea lovers. In this blog I am trying to give some brief idea about the Entertainment, Culture, and main tourist places in Goa, not only that you also see some attractive photographs, Video Presentation of Goa After reading this blog if you are not satisfied please forgive me, otherwise put some comments or suggestions into the comment box. Please send me if you have any query about the Goa I will try to answer it.

Goa History Synopsis :

In the later Vedic period when the Mahabharata was written, Goa is referred to with the Sanskrit name GOMANTAK. In 1498 Vasco Da Gama landed in Calicut on the west cost of India.He is the first person to find a sea route from Europe to India . The Portuguese wanted to control the spice trade from India and for this they needed a good port and Goa was the best for them. In 1510, the Portuguese task force under Afonso Albuquerque landed in Goa, only to be kicked out the Adil Shah (of Bijapur). Finally in 1543 Portuguese were able to extend their control over some places of Goa . At the end of 16th century, Goa was referred to as "Golden Goa". After that the Portuguese are wanted to extend their religion. Initially Portuguese were quite liberal to the Hindu religion but not the Muslims. After Counter Revolution in Europe Portugal's anti hindus policy ware started. Many hindu temples were destroyed and churches built on them.

Tourist And Traveling Places in Goa :

Panaji :

It is a small city and the capital of Goa situated near river Mandovi. It is an important commercial, educational and cultural hub that makes it populated. The houses in Panaji are classic decorated and built with red roof tiles in a unique Portugal style (Narrow lanes Hanging Balconies, Gardens lined by trees.

Archaeological Museum

In this museum you can see the stones ,sculptures,coins and portraits court fees stamp ,revenue stampsbronge and wooden sculptures of the Portuguese time. This museum is maintain by The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) maintains the museum.

The Church and Convent Of St. Monica

It is a three storied building and built in the 1627 which is protected verandah , cells and halls. The ceilings of the halls are beautifully painted and decorated with the scenes from the Holy Bible.

St. Augustine Church

The St. Augustine Church is one of the famous church in Panaji The church standing upon four towers and the height of the main towers is 46 mtrs.
Calangute Beach:

This beach is known as the the "Queen of all Goa beaches". It is 16 kms from Panaji, The beach is plentiful in
coconut trees.

Dona Paula

Dona Paula Beach situated in West of Goa and 7 Kms from Panaji (Capital of Goa) is a popular tourist spot. The Beach is well connected by road from Panaji. This Beach is famous for water sporting on the clear water (Swimming is dangerous because of the strong undercurrents, lifeguards is a must ),sunbath and shopping seaside goods like straw hats, lace handkerchiefs, spices , Feni and Port wine from beach side shops , Indian handicrafts and jewellery also available at the Indian Arts Emporium .This beach is surrounded by palm trees casuarinas groves. Lots of Hotels, Guesthouses, Beachside huts are available for tourists with different budget. In Dona Paula Beach you can enjoy the Water Scooter / Cycle, and Motorboat rides, Wind Surfing, Sports Fishing , Harpoon Fishing, This beach also famous for many Indian movies like Ek Duje Ke Liye .The Janmashtami and Festivals of St. Lawrence are the main festivals of Dona Paula Beach. In November you can enjoy the water sports festival.

Best time to visit the place is October to May.
National Oceanography Institute. Hear you can see the Marine Biology Museum.

Cabo Raj Niwas - The Governors House are 1/2 km from the National Oceanography Institute. Hear you can view the nearby coastline and the Aguada Fort. Other two beaches are also situated near the Dona Paula Beach. One is the Miramir ( 4 kms north of Dona Paula , and other is Vainguinim Beach (1 km west of Dona Paula)

Ponda :

It is 18 kms form Panaji. The city is surrounded by exclusive Hindu temple. This town is also called “Temple Town Of Goa”. Ponda is connected by regular buses from Panji and Margao

The Dudhsagar Falls is one of the most attractive place and is very remarkable and spell binding. Another attractions of natural lovers are the Bondla wildlife sanctuary and the Bhagvan Mahaveer sanctuary. The Bondla sanctuary is spread over an area of 8 sq. kms, here you can see flora and various species of deer .

Safa Shahouri Masjid one of the famous mosque in Goa. This mosque is established in 1560. Now this Masjid is under of the Archeological Survey of India.
Shri Mangueshi Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and located on the top of a hillock. It is 22 kms from Panaji.
Sri Shantadurga Temple dedicated to Sri Shantadurga the goddess of peace.

Shri Mahalsa, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva It is 2 kms further down the road.

Mapusa :

Mapusa is situated near National highways going through Goa and it a commercial town of Goa due to huge population the number of hotels and resorts are limited .This town is nearness to many famous beaches of the north Goa. Best time to visit the place is October to March. The main attraction is Friday Market where people from all over the Goa and foreign tourists come to buy and sell their products like souvenirs ,spices, fruits, fresh and dry fish.

The Anjuna Beach 8 Km west of Mapusa. and surrounded by coconut palms and bathing is quite safe here.

The Baga beach is a tranquil beach. This is a fishing beach.

The Mascarenhas mansion is the major attractions in Mapusa. It is famous for its beautiful looks and balconies.

The Kalika temple which is 14 Km from the Mapusa one of the most famous Hindu temple in North Goa. This famous temple is dedicated to Sri Kalika and is situated in the Village Kansarpal near Assonora, which is 14 Km from the Mapusa town. This temple have classic architectural designs.

Sri Morjee temple is one of the most attraction of Mapusa which is 15 kms from Mapusa. The temple is belongs to Kanakeshwar locally known as Bongini.

Church of Our Lady of Miracles it is famous for its classic architectural beauty. How to Reach Mapusa


Margao is the second largest city , administrative headquarters and commercial hum of south Goa. Margao is famous for its heritage and fish market. By Road Margao is well connected to other towns and cities of Goa.Margao is famous for its Colva beach which have fibulas natural beauties. Here you can completely feel relaxed after spending some time. Lots of Hotels, Guesthouses, Beachside huts are available for tourists with different budget. There are a number of Snacks Hunt they offer you delicious Goan cuisine along with modern cocktails.

Sat Burzam Ghor which means "House of Seven Roofs". It was a mansion built at the time of the Portugal rule. Now most of the roofs are damaged but it still looking marvelous.

Monte church:

Monte church situated at the top of Monte hill. If you go there you can view the entire city. But the church is locked most of year .By Road Margao is well connected to other towns and cities of Goa.


Vascodagama in short Vasco is well connected by Road (NH17A), Rail(South Wstern Railway), sea and air (Dabolim Airport).It is a industrial town and seaport. The Mormugoa Harbor is a very important commercial hub where the ships and vessels are sent to the other countries with spices, iron. The football is the most popular sport in Vasco.

Bogmalo Beach 9 kms from Vasco. The beach is quite risky because of underwater currents because of that it usually monitored by lifeguards. The beach is clean and not much crowded. Another two small beachs are Khollant and Baina around Vasco.

Another popular tourist spot is Naval Aviation Museum .In this Museum you can see the products , gernuls , portrates ,photographs of “ History of Indian naval aviation “.

Shopping In Goa:

Goa is the perfect place for Peace, tranquillity , cheerfulness .Shopping in Goa is a grate experience

The Flea Market in Anjuna Beach held every Wednesday . This market is famous for original hippies who travelled from Europe to India to find the natural beauty of Goa. Here you can buy coconut wood necklaces , flimsy silver chains, local regional dresses and cashmere shawls, CD’s of Goa’s famous daze music

Mackie's Saturday Night Market is one of the famous shopping place in Goa It is a night (market starts after sunset to 3am ) and held every Saturday during October to July .Here you can find hundreds of stall with live entertainment and tasty local food. Here you can buy unique jewelleries , embroidered furniture cushion covers and beaded sandals.Not only that you can enjoy the live bands with traditional dances.

The market starts just after sunset and goes on until around 3am and during this time there are live bands playing party music, displays from traditional Indian dancers and sword tricks to keep you entertained as you shop. Food here is good and very cheap and the lively atmosphere makes for a great evening of shopping.
Another famous shopping place in goa is Calangute here you will find hundreds of shops lining both sides of the busy main street and selling towels, hats ,branded jeans , shoes flip flops.

If you want to spend night in clubs you can find some big clubs in north Goa . The famous are Club Cuban in Arpora , West End Club in SaliagoTitos in Baga Mambo also in Baga.
In the time of Christmas Goa looking unbelievable. Total Goa are decorated with Christmas trees, Colorful lights ,paper stars .In Goa The Christmas day is a day for family festival. In That time many Hotels and Restaurants offer some special menus and arrange some Christmas parties and events for international tourists . Christmas is the best time for the tourist to visit the churches in Goa.

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